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Today I went to meet with my referred radiologist Dr. Boersma at the ProCure center where I received chemo. I met with the doctor and she explained that she would prefer to refer me to her colleague Dr. Keole, who specializes in pediatric proton therapy. We met with Dr. Keole and he explained that he thinks proton therapy, as opposed to traditional x-ray therapy, will benefit me greatly. This is great news!!!! I'm very lucky to be a candidate for proton therapy and even more lucky that my insurance will cover it!!

Proton therapy allows the doctors to better control the radiation exposure and spare the organs surrounding my tumor from most of the radiation. In other words, it will reduce the exposure to breast tissue, heart and lungs. Here is a link to a minute long video that explains proton therapy compared to x-ray therapy

I will receive 20 sessions of proton therapy, and we should start on July 30th. The treatments are every week day so that will put the end date on August 24th. The first day of classes at OSU is on August 20th, so I will have to drive back and forth each day that first week of school in order to receive treatment. The way I see it, for my health... an hour drive back and forth isn't so bad. Also, the typical side effects of radiation don't seem to be as prominent with proton therapy. Dr. Keole doesn't expect me to experience a burnt esophagus or fatigue that can come with regular radiation. He also said that you won't be able to tell I'm on radiation by looking at me. (I assume that means I won't have burnt skin!)

What an answer to prayer.. The Lord is faithful and good to me! There are only 10 operating proton therapy centers in the United States and I live 3 miles from one of them. This cancer journey is no surprise to the Lord.. I continue to trust in Him!!

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1. Kisan wrote:
There is no treatment that has a clear adgavtane in overall survival when it comes to prostate cancer. Many men choose to not teat it at all for the first few years, as it is usually slow growing and can be managed for long periods of time. However, in someone as young as your dad it should be treated for cure. If he is going the surgery route I would definitely go robotic. It is more precise, less invasive, has a faster recovery and there is less risk of side effects. To get the biggest adgavtane from this surgery you wan to make sure the surgeon has several under his belt as this is still fairly new in some areas of the country and it does take some getting used to. There are several types of radiation. At a minimum I want IMRT. Someone else mentioned Proton Therapy, which many men swear by. It is available at Loma Linda here in southern California. There is also Cyber Knife that was invented at Stanford several years ago. However it is still not available everywhere, but we do have it at several hospitals in southern California.At the very least he should get a second opinion and it should be from a teaching facility. These hospitals are nearly always designated cancer hospitals, they see the most unusual cases, are involved in research and have the best equipment. Some of the treatment I mentioned requires very expensive equipment, which is often out of reach for many community hospitals. Best wishes to you and your dad.

Thu, July 23, 2015 @ 7:13 AM

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