Most of these posts have been added by my mom, Andrea, during my cancer journey. These posts document the highs, lows, challenges, and joys of my fight against Hodgkin Lymphoma. 

Background Story

Lorelei thinks about the timing of finding this cancer.  The middle of her senior year of high school.  Yeah, it sucks that she'll have to be bald for her senior prom.  But God's timing is perfect.  Lorelei is a Christ follower.  There are over 2,000 students at her high school who have known this about her as she has always identified as a Christian.   But now, there are 2,000 pairs of eyes really focused on her.  Watching to see if this Jesus stuff is real.  If this cancer had been detected any later, she might have missed the opportunity to glorify God in front of 2,000 kids who are about to enter the world searching for their own purpose in life.    Please join us in praying for these students and the staff at Putnam City North High School.  We believe God is at work in a huge way and Lorelei just gets to have a front row seat.


Loving Lorelei Blog Updates

  • Pneumonia and Sepsis

    October 31, 2012 (Day +7) When Lorelei's temp went over 103 today the doctors ordered all sorts of tests. The chest x-ray showed pneumonia. But they also took blood cultures.

  • Bottoming Out

    Day +4 (morning) Lorelei's WBC was 0.2 last night and hemoglobin was low enough to justify another blood transfusion. She's getting close to the bottom where we hope she'll be only briefly before her new bone marrow begins to engraft.We're very thankful she's not had any infections and has not had to deal with fever as many others do. We hope it stays that way!Words cannot adequately describe how badly she wants to get out of here.

  • Catch 22

    Day +4 (end of day post)Today's been rough. Lorelei has not had anything to eat or drink since Saturday evening.  She has no appetite and her throat hurts. It feels swollen.

  • Sleeping like a baby

    Day +2 (October 26, 2012) It's like Lorelei took us seriously with the whole "Oct 24" is your new birthday. She's been like a newborn baby ever since; up all night and asleep most of the day in between feedings. And it takes every trick up my sleeve to get her to eat.  She's nauseated and has very little appetite but they tell her she has to eat.

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