Most of these posts have been added by my mom, Andrea, during my cancer journey. These posts document the highs, lows, challenges, and joys of my fight against Hodgkin Lymphoma. 

Background Story

Lorelei thinks about the timing of finding this cancer.  The middle of her senior year of high school.  Yeah, it sucks that she'll have to be bald for her senior prom.  But God's timing is perfect.  Lorelei is a Christ follower.  There are over 2,000 students at her high school who have known this about her as she has always identified as a Christian.   But now, there are 2,000 pairs of eyes really focused on her.  Watching to see if this Jesus stuff is real.  If this cancer had been detected any later, she might have missed the opportunity to glorify God in front of 2,000 kids who are about to enter the world searching for their own purpose in life.    Please join us in praying for these students and the staff at Putnam City North High School.  We believe God is at work in a huge way and Lorelei just gets to have a front row seat.


Loving Lorelei Blog Updates

  • Early-morning word from sister Hannah

    This is my first time to post anything to this blog personally, but as I'm blessed to carry part of this physical burden for Lorelei as her stem cell donor, it seems fitting.

  • CT scan tomorrow

    Hello all! I've been doing really well. I feel great.

  • A new room and a new way to think

    Lorelei came home from the hospital last week to an entirely new bedroom courtesy of the wonderful people (Brett Brinkley, Natalie Hancock and Taylor Hau) at Designer's Brew. These women took on the secret "Lorelei" project early in the summer but had to wait until Lorelei's transplant actually began so they could do the work while Lorelei was away at the hospital.

  • Lorelei visits her transplant doctor today

    This week at home has been wonderful (compared to the "prison" hospital.) Lorelei completed the infusion of antibiotics via IV to finish off her blood infection for good. She has stayed home mostly because leaving the house requires her to wear a mask. That mask fogs up her glasses which she has to wear instead of her contacts because the chemo would have melted her contacts to her eyes..

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