The blog posts under "Lorelei's Journey" have been written mostly by Lorelei's mother Andrea and deal mostly with her health journey. Her personal thoughts and feelings are better expressed in her own words and are located in her personal blog

Lorelei's Journey

  • Surgery in the morning; kisses from Mogie tonight

    We've arrived in Houston and after just one night in a cheap motel (in which the AC konked out around midnight) we've moved into the Ronald McDonald House! Lorelei loves it here. The best part is the house dog, a labradoodle named Mogie.

  • Fairness, Joy and Endurance

    It happens frequently.  A medical professional new to Lorelei's case will ask "So, when did you relapse?" She answers "I haven't relapsed; I've never been in remission.  Apparently my cancer is of my own DNA and it's very stubborn." One well meaning but slightly insensitive medical professional even queried prior to a recent pre-transplant procedure "Shouldn't you be in remission before an allogeneic transplant?" Well, yeah, that's the desired scenario. But that's not what we have here...

  • This is your neck on radiation...

    Most people look at Lorelei and say "You don't look sick." She does a great job of sparing us all of the visible yuckinesses of her fight with cancer. She puts on a wig and make up and plows through the intense fatigue. But she could use your prayers right now.She's hurting.

  • Warp Speed

    Moving at warp speed.  Today's task: figure out how to be "beamed up" to Houston.  Lorelei got a call from MD Anderson yesterday telling her she needs to be in Houston Sunday night June 23. (Oh no; that's in just five days!) Dr. Worth wants to begin her transplant very soon.

  • No more RAY-DEE-A-SHUN!

    Lorelei completed radiation (IMRT) today! In other news, her mother is officially the weirdest person in the world. I sang Alan Harper's "No more alimony" song (replacing alimony with radiation) all the way to Ulta where we celebrated the milestone by buying some new make up.

  • Completing radiation with pneumonitis

    Lorelei feels better today than she did yesterday but is still running a fever and coughing. We don't yet have the results of the blood cultures taken last night at the ER, but Dr. Confer thinks they will be clear.

  • Mysterious Fever

    Lorelei awoke yesterday feeling lousy. It's hard to imagine how badly she must feel for her to admit it. Her fever spiked last night so we called her doctor.

  • A very sick energizer bunny

    Sitting in my car listening to (and feeling) the Thunder crash and the rain pound while Lorelei does radiation early today. She'll call me when she's done and I'll be able to drive up and get her under the canopy to keep her dry as I pick her up. She's truly doing all the hard work of this on her own.

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