The blog posts under "Lorelei's Journey" have been written mostly by Lorelei's mother Andrea and deal mostly with her health journey. Her personal thoughts and feelings are better expressed in her own words and are located in her personal blog

Lorelei's Journey

  • Our birthday girl by the numbers.

    This little baby with the crazy hair turns 20 years old today. She's beat cancer once (and for all!), undergone 2 bone marrow transplants, lost this hair 3 times and started college 4 times. She's the youngest of 5 kids, dated her husband for 6 years, had not one bridezilla moment in 7 months, was born early at 8 months gestation, married into a family with 9 kids, has taken 10 different kids of chemo, had 11 surgeries, lives in apartment 12, started high school at age 13, was proposed to on the...

  • Oklahoman article summarizes it well. Cancer is a bizarre blessing.

    Today's Sunday Oklahoman ran a nice article about Lorelei's battle with cancer and the many bizarre blessings that flowed. Click the link below to read it online.

  • Sharing Lessons Learned with OKC's chapter of Women in Communications

    Today Lorelei and I will share our story of lessons learned at the monthly meeting of the Oklahoma City chapter of the Association for Women in Communications. Here are some of the talking points: Everyone has something. Don't complain.

  • Lorelei Decker Shares Big News with Thunder

    Lorelei visited the Thunder's practice facility after a morning Training Camp workout to share some news. Follow this link to view the story about Lorelei's big news posted by the Thunder. There's a video to watch at the bottom of the Thunder's article so be sure to scroll all the way down.  Coach Scott Brooks wore Lorelei's green bracelet for nearly two years and today she cut that stinky thing off of his wrist!     Kevin Durant was pretty excited to hear the ...

  • Remission

    I'M IN REMISSION!!! Praise God!!!!! (Written September 23, 2013 11:54am by Lorelei Decker)

  • 9th PET Scan in 21 Months

    This is the evening before Lorelei's 60 day post-transplant PET scan. Tomorrow's scan will be her ninth.The previous eight have all glowed indicating active cancer. We've hoped and prayed before each and every one.

  • 44 days

    Today is day 44 of 100 days we will spend here in Houston post-transplant. Next week will mark halfway! That's a lot of time spent wearing a mask and gloves and waiting on doctors!

  • MRI's and uncertainty

    The neurologist from MD Anderson's Brain and Spine Center squeezed Lorelei in for an appointment today. The appointment lasted 2 1/2 hours! I've never seen such a thorough examination.

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