Catch 22

Day +4 (end of day post)

Today's been rough. Lorelei has not had anything to eat or drink since Saturday evening.  She has no appetite and her throat hurts. It feels swollen. She's not got any visible sores but it's evident that it is painful enough that even though she is thirsty she can't/won't drink. They provided her with some throat numbing solution (with lidocaine) that helps others be able to eat with a sore throat. But just the smell of the stuff makes Lorelei gag. So she'd rather not eat or drink. Her sense of smell is so heightened that she can detect what kind of shampoo each nurse uses.

Lorelei knew she had to take one of the pills the nurse brought to her this morning; it sat on her bedside table all day so she decided to give it a try a few minutes ago. She took a tiny sip of water to take the pill and then proceeded to get sick. She threw up the pill and all the acid in her stomach. She's so miserable. The nurse gave her some IV Phenergan but even the taste of the saline as they injected it bothered her. It sounds like we're going to have to go back to giving her most of her meds via IV so she can't throw them up. She's showing early signs of dehydration which makes me think they will increase her IV fluids to compensate. But that's a bummer since if they do that she needs to get up more often to go to the bathroom. But she's a "fall risk" on the Phenergan. And even more risky would be a bruise from falling since she has minimal platelets to help her clot off a bleed. She even has to be careful not to accidentally bump her hand on the bedrail.

It's just a whole lot of un-fun right now. She lays in bed and stares at the ceiling. They'll test her blood again at midnight and probably give her another transfusion like they did last night. The nurse thinks she'll be like this until day +10.

Her best friend Ryley came by earlier today and she was able to muster up a smile for the camera with him. (She never shows the camera how sick she really is.) Even putting on a headscarf and smiling takes energy. She enjoyed his brief visit but I sent him on his way when she fell asleep while he was here. I think Ryley will be her last visitor for a few days. Please don't be offended if you ask if you can come visit and I say no. Even though we can have you scrub in and use a mask to protect Lorelei, it just takes so much energy for her to enjoy a visitor. We'd rather she have visitors when Lorelei can enjoy you.

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1. Lori wrote:
Love you guys!

Sun, October 28, 2012 @ 10:57 PM

2. Mahmoo wrote:
I love you, Lorilu! Although the days are long and miserable, you're on the 'home stretch' now, so continue to 'hang tough'! (easy for ME to say, huh?) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Mon, October 29, 2012 @ 11:59 AM

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