Basketball and asthma

It's been a whirlwind weekend. Basically, we've traveled (been in our car) for 24 of the last 60 hours. All for a 2.5 hour basketball game! But it was completely worth it to see the look on Lorelei's face when Thunder Coach Scotty Brooks rushed from the bus to give her a hug as we arrived at the hotel in San Antonio. The Thunder players were boarding the bus to head to the AT&T Center for game one of the NBA Western Conference finals vs. the Spurs. We arrived at exactly the same time as the players were boarding. But as we got out of our vehicle we were stopped by Thunder security yelling "No Autographs Ladies!" I said "But we're just checking in to the hotel." I guess we looked like stalkers in our Thunder clothing. The head security guy is called "Flashlight." As soon as Coach Brooks approached Lorelei, Flashlight came over to apologize saying he hadn't recognized Lorelei and that she can get an autograph any time she likes. Scotty saved us! It was a memory Lorelei will never forget.

The outcome of the game Sunday night was not as we'd hoped but the whole experience of getting to be at an away game and being interviewed before the game was a big boost to Lorelei's spirit. The Thunder even posted a picture of our family in their Facebook page!

The photo in this post was taken of Lorelei as she gave a Pre-game interview. It's becoming very natural for her to use a microphone!

Lorelei hated having to text Coach Brooks after we lost that game but she did. He asked her to. He asked her to text him some encouragement after any loss. They seem to have the most unlikely and precious relationship.

I'm typing this post on my iPhone as we travel the last leg of the trip back home. It's raining like crazy so we are only able to travel 40 mph. I decided to maximize my productivity by posting on the road. It's amazing how long it takes to type with just one thumb. It drives Lorelei crazy that I do all my iPhone typing/texting with only one thumb. We timed Lorelei's two thumbed "typing" speed once at 120 words per minute! I'm lucky to do 12 words per minute. As a matter of fact, I started this post in Denton and we are already passing Ardmore! But the rain has finally stopped.

Lorelei has been battling an infection since last week. She started an antibiotic on Thursday but has had lots of trouble with asthma during this trip. Likely it's all just related to a cold virus but I'm asking you to pray that it does not lead to pneumonia. She has to breathe shallowly or else she coughs. But her lungs need to expand fully to keep from developing pneumonia. As soon as we get home she'll do a nebulizer treatment. These hourly inhaler puffs are not doing the trick. We see coughing a little differently now that we know the mass in Lorelei's chest is not shrinking and there's fluid around her heart. We are going to be safe and check with the doctor tomorrow.

Today we learned of a girl Lorelei's age who was just diagnosed with cancer and her parents don't speak English. Her name is Ruby. She has a malignant mass in her chest and it is making it difficult for her to breathe and talk. But she is the only one who has been translating between her English speaking doctors and her very scared Spanish speaking parents. Please pray that God will use Lorelei to minister to Ruby's family or that He will bring another suitable translator.

Well, my thumb is very tired, so that's all for now folks.

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